Short term car or van insurance allows drivers to insure their vehicles for between 1 and 28 days. This takes much of the stress out of insuring a vehicle, especially if you find yourself sharing someone else's vehicle. This is the perfect insurance to take out for guests who will be visiting you, since you can get them covered and they can drive it perfectly legally. Short term insurance even works for those who are borrowing a car or light van (up to 3.5T is usually OK) from a friend whilst theirs is off the road, since it does not make any sense to pay for a year’s worth of insurance in these cases.

One thing to remember is that since the insurance covers such a short period, it is easy to fill out the paperwork to get started. After all, you would not want to wait around in an insurance office all day if you are only insuring the vehicle for a week or just a few days. If this happens, you could end up spending more time in the insurance office than you do on the road! The good news is that you can receive all of your documentation via email, so you do not have to worry about heading to the insurance office at all.

Another great aspect of this insurance is that it can cover you while driving in the EU. If you borrow the in-laws' vehicle on your holiday to France, you would not want to drive around without the right insurance. One can only imagine the look on your father-in-law's face if you were to have an accident without your own insurance policy covering the vehicle. With this short term insurance, however, you can have your own policy covering you throughout your holiday, which takes much of the stress out of the situation.

Multiple drivers can sometimes be added to a short term policy, which means that you can share the driving on a long drive, even if it is not your vehicle. This is a great way to keep the car that you are driving safe and adds peace of mind to your travels. Most of the popular vehicles found in the United Kingdom are accepted under these policies, so you should not run into any problems when applying for this insurance. If you need roadside assistance added, most insurance agencies have this option available, which furthers the stress-free environment on your trip.

Overall, short term insurance just makes sense for all drivers who need their own cover on a vehicle. You can sign up and receive this cover immediately, as all of the documents will be sent out right away. It is also possible to sign up for the insurance now and have it kick in later. Handling things in this manner means that you have one less thing to worry about when the time comes. You cannot always predict what will happen on the road, but this insurance ensures that you are covered if the worst comes to the worst.


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