Buying car insurance for one single day

If you need insurance cover the car for just a single day this is not a problem at all and it doesn't even matter whether or not you are the owner of the vehicle, you can buy car insurance now for periods from as little as one single day up to 28 days and what is more you can buy it instantaneously online with immediate cover if you wish which means it is absolutely ideal for those annoying occasions when your car won't start, you need a larger vehicle at short notice, or your own vehicle has to go in for a service. Prices are extremely competitive and since it is purchased completely online you can buy a policy whenever you wish from the comfort of your own armchair.

Once you have bought a policy the documentation is available for download and we would recommend that you do this before driving the vehicle so that in the event of you possibly being asked to produce proof of insurance you would be able to do so. This is admittedly not very likely to happen but the consequences of being stopped by a police officer who has reasonable grounds for suspecting that a driver is uninsured can be very costly indeed and are likely to include immediate confiscation of the car which is being driven. Under normal circumstances whether or not the car is insured can be checked on a central database but when a vehicle is first insured, whether this is a short-term policy or a conventional yearly one, it can be several days before this database is updated so it is better to have proof of insurance with you, just in case.

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