The day was going well until I received an email from Uncle Ted in Australia. He was coming over to the UK for a monthís holiday, but as his budget was a bit tight, he asked if he could he borrow our second car for the duration. I shuddered as I recalled the last time he was in charge of a vehicle of mine. It had cost an arm and a leg to repair and my no claims bonus had waved goodbye and left home for a few years. Added to the fact that my most recent research into the price of body parts indicated that they were still fetching a hefty premium, his email was not welcome news.

Then my wife suggested short term car insurance could be the answer. I thought that if that was the answer to Uncle Ted and his driving, they must ask some pretty stupid questions, but I decided to check it out anyway.

I saw that UK and EU driving licences were acceptable, but what about our cousins down under? No worries! The odd underwriter is willing to accept an Australian driving licence, even if the holder did disappear from the UK shortly after his last accident more than ten years ago. Perhaps it was coincidence; I know we used to send our convicts out there, but for a road accident? Surely, that was a little harsh. Anyway, as long as heíd kept a clean licence since then he should be okay, as a few minor convictions are deemed to be acceptable.

Onwards I went. I was pleased to see that the whole transaction could be conducted online at any time of day or night, in no more than two or three minutes. There was just the matter of a simple application form, which even Uncle Ted could surely manage, and the documents would be delivered by email once the process was completed. An even bigger gleam came into my eye when I saw that Uncle Ted could regale himself with fully comprehensive coverage. I would sleep easier in my bed! Whatís more, he could insure himself for any period from one day up to the full twenty-eight days of his trip. Perfect!

Furthermore, at the age of sixty-two, he fitted well within the policy limits of eighteen to seventy five. He could also include my Auntie Jean, as more than one driver is allowed. And whatís this? Heíd be covered for driving in the EU. While I love my uncle and aunt dearly, twenty-eight days without a break would try the Archbishop of Canterburyís patience, so perhaps Iíd persuade them to visit some of our continental friends, though it would only be fair to warn them first.

Although my carís in good condition, you never know if itíll throw a hissy fit and stop working, so it was good to see that roadside assistance is available, even though it costs a little more. And joy upon joy! If they do have an accident, it wonít affect my no claims bonus. Now thatís what I call a real deal!

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